Ban on Solid Fuels Burning for Domestic Heating in Krakow

Zegarek 2013-11-25

Ban on Solid Fuels Burning for Domestic Heating in Krakow

Local authorities in Poland's southern city of Krakow banned its citizens from heating their homes with solid fuels.

"This resolution is a precedent on a national scale, it will introduce many changes in Poland and the region," local deputy speaker Wojciech Kozak said in a statement.

Krakow’s ban on burning fossil fuels for domestic heating will come into full force in five years.  In the interim, coal, wood and heavy fuel oil stoves will no longer be permissible in new buildings. Residents with existing stoves burning these fuels will have to replace them with acceptable installations. In future, urban heating in Krakow will need to be fuelled by gas, electricity or light fuel oil. The city’s authorities have committed to fund the replacement of existing furnaces.

In a parallel decision, Krakow City Council adopted a subsidy programme to protect its poorest residents from the increased costs associated with more ecologically sound fuels. 



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