The Newest EEA Report

Zegarek 2014-11-21

The Newest EEA Report

Published on November 19 by the EU agency, the report presents an overview and analysis of air quality in Europe from 2003 to 2012.

Air pollution remains the top environmental cause of premature death in urban Europe, according to an analysis of data from almost 400 cities. The report says that poor air quality is responsible for 400,000 early deaths in Europe in 2011.

The pollutant which increased the most over the last decade was benzo(a)pyrene (B(a)P). Airborne concentrations of this pollutant increased by more than a fifth between 2003 and 2012. The biggest contributor to this emission is Poland.

"Air pollution is still high in Europe," EEA Executive Director Hans Bruyninckx said. "It leads to high costs: for our natural systems, our economy, the productivity of Europe’s workforce, and most seriously, the general health of Europeans."


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Air quality

Air Quality Now. One-hour average PM10 concentration
Aleja Krasińskiego
123 µg/m3 (godzina 21:00)
Nowa Huta
89 µg/m3 (godzina 24:00)
62 µg/m3 (godzina 23:00)