Air quality

Air Quality Now. One-hour average PM10 concentration
Aleja Krasińskiego
123 µg/m3 (godzina 21:00)
Nowa Huta
89 µg/m3 (godzina 24:00)
62 µg/m3 (godzina 23:00)

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WHO: Air Quality Deteriorating in Many of the World’s Cities

According to WHO , air quality in most cities worldwide that monitor outdoor (ambient) air pollution fails to meet the guidelines for...

Clock 2014-05-08
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Polish Supreme Audit Office Report from 2000

We came across a record of the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry from the year 2000 (sic!). The Committee discussed Polish Supreme Audit Office (NIK) report on...

Clock 2014-11-25
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Supreme Audit Office Voices Strong Criticism of Polish Government Inaction in Air Quality Improvement

The Supreme Audit Office (NIK) has just released a report from the control of measures undertaken by regional and central authorities in the area of air quality improvement in Poland. The report contains strong...

Clock 2014-12-30
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