SOS event - you have to be there!

Zegarek 2015-11-10

SOS event - you have to be there!


Do you love our city? Have you had enough of Krakow’s suffocating smog? Come on Saturday (November 14th, 2015) to the Main Square (in front of the clock tower) at 12:00!

We can’t wait any longer! Together we’ll create the largest SOS message in the world – which will be visible from outer space! We’ll make a film with a drone and send a message to the entire world that we’re tired of being suffocated!

What can you do?

- Bring your neighbours, grandparents, parents, friends, lovers, pets
- Do you attend a fitness club? Bring your fitness pals!
- Share this on Facebook and invite all of your Facebook friends
- Write the date on your fridge
- Bring an anti-smog mask with you
- Remember – “likes” alone aren’t enough! It’s necessary to come!

ATTENTION: If you don’t come, you have no right to complain about the air in Krakow!

1. Mini-concert by “Bzyk”
2. Introductory speeches
3. Creation of the largest SOS message in the world

They will be with us: Kraków Przeciw Igrzyskom, Kraków Miastem Rowerów, Pracownia Obywatelska, Modraszek Kolektyw, Ambasada Krakowian, Kraków Miastem Startupów


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Air quality

Air Quality Now. One-hour average PM10 concentration
Aleja Krasińskiego
123 µg/m3 (godzina 21:00)
Nowa Huta
89 µg/m3 (godzina 24:00)
62 µg/m3 (godzina 23:00)