Polish Smog Alert

Zegarek 2015-02-10

Polish Smog Alert

Polish Smog Alert declared!

Together with "Dolnośląski Alarm Smogowy" and "Podhalański Alarm Smogowy" we launched new campaign, which calls for action on air quality in Poland – the most polluted country in Europe!

Levels of the cancer causing benzo(a)pyrene in Poland’s air are some 500% higher than recommended. Together with Bulgaria, Poland has the highest concentration of PM10 – poisonous particles that are tiny enough to penetrate into the deepest part of the lung.

Polish Smog Alert website includes a counter of the number of premature deaths in Poland caused by air pollution. It also has information about the causes of pollution, and the damage that it does to the human body. We also produced a short film, called ‘Smog is Coming for You‘ calling for action (below):

Polish Smog Alert wants to see concrete action taken not just locally, in the worst hit areas, but nationally. We are calling for changes in the law to monitor and limit pollution from domestic heating systems and motor vehicles, and to allow local authorities powers to determine and enforce air pollution emission rules.


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Air quality

Air Quality Now. One-hour average PM10 concentration
Aleja Krasińskiego
123 µg/m3 (godzina 21:00)
Nowa Huta
89 µg/m3 (godzina 24:00)
62 µg/m3 (godzina 23:00)